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Darrel and I were fortunate to meet a wonderful family in Richmond, Virginia while we were there for Darrel’s heart transplant. The Himan family has a son that is a Marine, who was injured in Afghanistan by an IED. He has spinal cord injuries that are life altering. This young Marine is Corporal Josh Himan.

We have had the privilege of helping with Multiple other trades and volunteers, to do a complete home makeover/addition in Woodbridge, Virginia, for this amazing family. This was necessary to allow this injured Marine to have wheel chair access and handicap facilities in the home so that he could finally go home, after two years. I designed the kitchen, bathrooms and large laundry room for the addition. When the cabinet stage of the project was ready to be done, we drove up and did the installation of all the cabinetry. The addition was completed in 58 days and it was a $200,000 project that cost the family nothing due to the foundations and donations from other Americans and trades that helped this veteran to be able to come home again. There has never been a more rewarding experience. What a miracle it was!

It was an honor to have been a part of this project for a very deserving veteran. We also want to express our thanks to two companies who assisted us with our part of the project – Cosentino, the Silestone manufacturer, who donated the materials for the countertops for the project, and Domain Industries, who donated all the beautiful stainless steel sinks and bathroom lavatories for them as well. These two companies gladly gave these generous contributions. We are very grateful for their patriotism and kindness to this veteran’s family.

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